The “Kyo-no-Shinise” (Long-Established Kyoto Company) Commendation

Purpose of commendation

Since 1968, companies in Kyoto Prefecture with a long history, that uphold family business values, continue traditional techniques and business methods, and are role models for other companies, have been awarded the “Kyo-no-Shinise” commendation.

Criteria for commendation

  • A company that has been maintaining its main business operations in the same category of industry in Kyoto Prefecture for 100 years or more, or that can be recognized as having an equivalent business history to that of a suitable company;
  • A company that is not a party involved in any lawsuit or other conflicts pertaining to the continuation of the business;
  • A company with no record of anything that would make it unsuitable for commendation by the Governor.

Targeted industries for commendation

Construction, manufacturing, transport/communication, wholesale/retail, restaurants, finance/insurance, real estate, and tertiary industries (including tea house entertainment and film, but excluding other entertainment and amusement, health care/public health, religion, education, free-lance, etc.).

Procedures for commendation

The applying company submits a recommendation letter from the head of a relevant industry organization and a copy of properties certifying that the company has been in business for at least 100 years. Kyoto Prefecture considers the application by conducting a company visit or inspecting tax payments. Companies to be commended are deliberated and decided by experts who make up the “Kyo-no-Shinise” commendation council.

Commendation Ceremony

The ceremony is held annually in January or February, together with the general meeting of the Kyoto Company Century Club.

Number of commended companies to date

703 in 1968, 427 in 1985, 91 in 1986, 97 in 1987, 40 in 1988, 32 in 1989, 34 in 1990, 16 in 1991, 23 in 1992, 29 in 1993, 12 in 1994, 54 in 1997, 78 in 2001, 52 in 2005, 66 in 2009, 81 in 2013, 28 in 2014, 23 in 2015, 20 in 2016, 17 in 2017(Total 1,923 companies)

Please see the list of commended companies here.